• The

    Falafel People.

  • What We Do

    Quality, Passion and Love go into everything we do.

    Our Falafel

    Quality Ingredients + Careful Production

    Here at Jacobs Finest we only use the best quality ingredients in our products. We make a great start by soaking our own chickpea's, for a full twelve hours. Next we add fresh garlic and onion. Now we add our very special and secret spice mix. Once our ingredients are mixed to perfection its ready to be cooked. This is where our Falafel distinguishes itself from any other. We're very strict with temperature and timing during the cooking of our Falafel, combine this with only using the best quality GM free Rapeseed oil and you've got our top quality Falafel.

    Where you can find us

    Retail + Wholesale

    Temple Quay Food Market - Bristol - Every Thursday

    Frome Supermarket - Frome - Every First Sunday of the Month.

    We'll be serving our delicious Falafel Wraps and Salad boxes. You'll even be able to buy a box of Falafel to take home! 

    We have many great retailers around the Southwest where you can find our Falafel. Please contact us to find your near supplier. If your local Deli, Cafe, Restuarant or Shop doesn't already stock our Falafel, why not recommend they come and find us.

  • Our Story

    It's been a great journey so far.

    Passion + Hardwork

    We're a passionate family here at Jacobs Finest and we love what we do. We started out with a humble yet authentic Falafel recipe. We loved it, and we soon found out that members of our local community loved it too. We knew we had something special and decided to build a business with it. We've worked hard over the past few years to develop the Falafel and grow our customer base. We now look forward to progressing our family business further and we'll always appreciate your custom

  • Who We Are

    Meet the family behind the business.

    Gerry Jevon

    The Boss

    The head of the family. With his vast experience of running businesses, he spends most of his days managing the day to day "challenges" of the company.

    Wendy Jevon

    The Real Boss

    The real boss of the outfit. Nothing happens without going through Mother Goose. The hardest worker of us all.

    Fey Jevon

    Senior Gossip Columist

    Works around raising the next generation of the Jacobs Finest family. Helps with all areas of the business, whilst always having a laugh/cackle!

    Jack Jevon

    Chief Coffee Maker

    Keeps the business running with superb coffee skills. When Jack gets away from making delicious hot beverages, he enjoys getting involved with with every aspect of the business.

  • Contact & Connect With Us

    We always love to hear from our customers!

    07580 609137


    07580 609137






    Jacobs Finest Falafel